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An iSUP is an inflatable standup paddle board. iSUPs are extremely portable, convenient and durable. You can throw them in the trunk of your car, back seat or even in a backpack and be ready to paddleboard anytime/anywhere.

We stock our shop with Sea Dog boards, designed in Canada.  Our boards are versatile, fun and offer a convenient way for new or experienced paddlers alike to get out on the water.  Paddle lakes, oceans, rivers, and even surf.

This is one of the most common questions.  Most people can, and they love it!

Although it may look intimidating, stand up paddleboarding is considered ‘easy’ because paddlers of all shapes, sizes and ages can learn enough to start having fun in no time with just a little bit of effort.  Of course, perfecting your technique takes time and practice, but most people are able to stand up, paddle and turn on their first time out in calm waters without spending much time in the water. 

Our boards are perfect for beginners and intermediates alike.

For a beginner it’s best to start on calm, sheltered waters. That way you won’t have to fight the wind, waves, and current just yet.  You don’t have to start on your feet. In fact, you can lay, sit, kneel or stand up to paddle. For your first time out we recommend a comfortable kneeling position to get started. Then, once you feel stable paddling from your knees, you can give it a go standing up.

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Our SUP packages include everything you’ll need to get on the water, except for you PFD.  Your rental will come with the iSUP, bungee cord hold-down system, three-piece paddle, leash, fins, convertible backpack bag, dual-action pump and an emergency whistle.

We do carry a few one-size lifejackets, however, with the many different sizes, styles and preferences, we leave it up to you.

Also available are dry bags, waterproof cellphone cases, electric pumps and PFDs.

15 PSI.

Using the manual pump, it takes 4-6 minutes.

The electric pump takes around 7-10 minutes but has the automatic shut-off so you don’t have to watch it while you do other things.

Our boards have been tested to 325 pounds. The board must be pumped to 15 psi (the recommended pressure).

You can have as many people as you can fit as long as the total stays under the maximum weight limit of 325 lbs. Kids in particular love to go for rides on the front!

Yes. Just let a little air out so it does not over inflate. As the temperature either warmer or colder changes the PSI inside the board may change as well. If the board is to max PSI and you are leaving it out in the sun for a few hours, or it is being stored in hot temperatures, the pressure could expand past the maximum recommended level. This could lead to a seam blowing.

People use their SUP paddles backwards quite often.

The angle of the blade should be facing forward, with the sticker facing away from you.

Dress for the weather! Choose clothing that allows movement and is quick drying.  A non-cotton toque or brimmed hat, sunscreen and sunglasses with a strap are recommended. If you want to wear footwear, make sure they fit securely, and that you don’t mind getting wet.

SUPs used for navigation fall into the same category as canoes and kayaks and you are required to carry mandatory safety equipment under the Small Vessel Regulations.

  • Option 1: WEAR a life jacket with a whistle (no buoyant heaving line required).
  • Option 2: CARRY a life jacket on board with whistle and a buoyant heaving line.
  • Option 3: NONE then could receive a $200 – $500 fine for non-compliance.

*watertight flashlight is required for lowlight or nighttime conditions.

Rivers, lakes, oceans, creeks and ponds—wherever there is water deeper than your longest fin. 

Find a list of places in and around Edmonton here.

It’s an activity you can do solo or with friends and family.

It’s a great full body workout.

It can be therapeutic & calming or exciting & exhilarating.

Fresh air and exercise outdoors is good for your body, mind, and spirit.


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