About us

blue rippling water meeting green shore with blue sky and minimal clouds

Gritty Knots Paddle Co was actualized in 2020, being homebound we had time to shift our focus on creating a company to share with everyone our love of open waters, beautiful scenery and our course big boards & paddles.

Although we are geographically removed from the ocean, Alberta is blessed with crystal clear lakes, rushing rivers and meandering creeks. While the canoe is probably the most Canadian way to explore, stand-up paddleboarding presents a fresh vantage point and new-found potential for adventure.

We stock our shop with Canadian designed inflatable stand up paddleboards (iSUPs). They are versatile, fun and offer a convenient way to get out on the water.  Taking less than five minutes to set up, you’ll be paddling in no time!  Our complete packages fit into one roller backpack that will fit in any trunk or backseat, making them much easier to explore with than hauling around a 10-foot board.

We love stand-up paddleboarding and believe you will too.

Aislinn & Brent

just add water